Frequently Asked Questions

What does Franchising with HiFive Chicken entail?

Hi Five will require that you meet the criteria outlined here.

Can I bring on a partner?

Yes! As long as they follow the same approval process as outlined in our franchising procedure.

Does HiFive develop on “non-traditional” sites?

We can not say “no,” as there are creative ways to find the perfect location. We would consider gas stations, co-brands, and convenience stores if we can make a sound business case. Please click here for our real estate criteria.

What types of real estate do we look for?

We prefer high traffic, high exposure locations. We are partial for locations that can drive our 24 hour operation. To learn more, please contact us.

How do I get real estate approval?

Real estate development in a shared process. Although we will have the final approval on the actual site, we will require you, as the franchisee to do your own “homework”.

Can I purchase and existing business and convert it to a HiFive?

Absolutely! If the location has site elements that will work with our criteria and fits our development budget, we would definitely consider this.

What kind of support will I receive?

We see franchising as a partnership. It is our brand and your business. Please see our franchising page for more details by clicking here.

How does the HiFive Training System work?

We will require you attend training for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to opening. We will train you and 1 other person. Within this training we will cover classroom training, Back of House (BOH), and Front of House (FOH) training. Prior to opening your location, we will be on site for 2 weeks to assist you in training your staff and to ensure a smooth start.

Do you provide financing?

We do not provide financing, but can point you in the right direction!

Is this a Turnkey Operation?

It is Turnkey to some degree. We will assist you through the entire process but will need you to be a willing participant.

How much money can I make?

We wish we had a crystal ball! HiFive Franchising Ltd. does not provide any information concerning actual, forecasted or projected sales, income, profit or expenses. We follow all franchise laws in the markets where we develop. It is necessary that you conduct your own research prior to purchasing any business.

Can I bring in my own food products?

Serving quality food is our top priority. Knowing where our product comes from creates brand consistency and keeps our customers coming back again and again. We will designate a food service supplier(s) in your area.

Can I add my own menu items?

Many factors go into whether we decide to add or subtract from our menu. We work with a chef to determine not only new food items but also costs and operational execution. If you have an idea, we always welcome your input.